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Find jobs faster and with higher starting salaries

Professional Resumes Earn Higher Pay (Average cost $240)

Unless you’re a literary writer, your resume probably focuses on listing your work history rather than effectively showcasing it. With AI, we guide you in crafting a resume that reads as if you invested hundreds of dollars in a professional writer. This results in a more impressive and impactful representation of your work history.”

If you know how to turn a computer on, you can use AI

We’ve conducted the research to simplify the process for anyone to harness the power of AI. If you have a resume generated from a computer, 80% of what you need to do is already completed. The next step is easy, we show you how to  prompt AI to give you the results you

One major contributor to this

Employers use an ATS applicant tracking system (employer version of Google) to determine whom they reach out to. Resumes that are missing certain keywords are passed over. We show you how to be one of the four applications employers reach out to.

Make sure your resume stand out

Your resume is a personal commercial, and once a potential employer makes the decision to review your application, make sure it stands out from the others by utilizing the attention grabbing templates included in the class. Simply select a template, remove the existing information, and enter your information.

Resumes should be tailored to the application

Due to the competitive job market, generic resumes are no longer effective. Therefore, it is recommended that resumes be specific to the position you are applying for. We will show you how to identify the contents your resume should have when submitting an application.”

Use your smartphone, computer or tablet

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